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Supercharge Your Driver

Add 20-40 yards to your drives with our driver face machining technology.


Fix Your Golf Swing Now

Fix Your Golf Swing Now If you’ve been wondering how to fix your golf swing, know that performance anxiety is a natural part of any game you may undertake, including golf. Perhaps when you are alone, feeling the crisp morning air mingle with warm sunshine


4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Swing Today!

Improve Your Swing It’s no secret. If you improve your swing, you improve your score. We know that’s a common goal among golf players. But, what are the most effective ways to make this happen? Our team at World’s Hottest Drivers would like to share


Let’s Correct That Drive Slice!

Tips for Correcting Your Drive Slice When playing a game of golf, a drive slice is one of the most common shots an amateur golfer will attempt to make. A drive slice is one that curves to the right while in the air- if you


Advantages of Using an Illegal Golf Driver

Advantages of Using an Illegal Golf Driver A golf driver is one of the most important pieces of equipment used in a game of golf. Why not use the longest hitting driver available? A longer hitting golf driver not only is incredibly fun to hit


Senior Golfers: Looking to Gain More Distance?

Senior Golfers: Looking to Gain More Distance? If you are a golfer over the age of 50, you may have noticed that your swing speed has started to slow down over the years. This is very common complaint among golfers our age that don’t feel


3 Of The Most Expensive Golf Courses

3 Of The Most Expensive Golf Courses Curious to find out where some of the most expensive golf courses are? We were too! Whether it’s a lifelong dream of yours to play one of these impressive courses or you just like to window shop, we


Planning An Out of Town Golf Trip?

Tips for Planning an Out of Town Golf Trip Planning an out of town golf trip? Good! You should be. And if you’re not- heck, you should consider it. All golfers deserve an out of town golf trip. What’s better than a great change of


Is A Shaved Driver Right For You?

Golf driver shaving is a relatively new science, with more and more golfers electing to have their conforming drivers turned into non-conforming drivers. Is it for everyone, though? The majority of our customers are middle-aged to older golfers who feel they’ve lost some (or a



Used Drivers(46)

Over the years we have discovered certain drivers that get laser hot, yet maintain great durability after being shaved! These are our top rated drivers of all-time and have received the best feedback from our customers. These drivers will out perform most of the newest drivers on the market due to our ability to shave…


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