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Is A Shaved Driver Right For You?

Golf driver shaving is a relatively new science, with more and more golfers electing to have their conforming drivers turned into non-conforming drivers. Is it for everyone, though?

The majority of our customers are middle-aged to older golfers who feel they’ve lost some (or a lot) of their swing-speed over the years. For example, one such customer told us their swing speed was 95 mph when they were 30, but was only 72mph when they turned 65. After having their golf driver shaved to .900 COR, they picked up an additional 23 yards on average per drive. 23 yards can easily take several strokes off your game!

Now, the younger golfers out there might feel like golf driver shaving wouldn’t help them much. However, this simply is not true. Many customers with high swing speeds have actually seen even greater distance gains (25+ yards). Most of them don’t need an aggressive shaving level- they may opt for .870 or .880 COR.

We have had a few customers with high swing speeds choose a riskier shaving level of .890-.900 and they’ve seen huge gains in their drives. It should be noted that we do not recommend this unless you understand the risk associated with a shaving level that is higher than the recommended level for your swing speed. Here is the chart again, if you haven’t seen it yet:

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