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Supercharge Your Driver

Add 20-40 yards to your drives with our driver face machining technology.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can i just send my driver head?
A: That is absolutely fine if you would like to save on shipping costs.
Q: What is the best shaving level for me?
A: If your swing speed is below 90 mph, the max .900 COR is fine. We recommend .890 for swing speeds 90-99 mph, .880 for 100-109, .870 for 110-119, and .860 for 120 mph+.
Q: Do you also shave fairway woods?
A: Yes we do. They won’t pick up as much distance as a driver, but the improvement is still noticeable.
Q: What types of shafts are on the clubs you sell?
A: You can choose between a stiff or a regular shaft.


Used Drivers(46)

Over the years we have discovered certain drivers that get laser hot, yet maintain great durability after being shaved! These are our top rated drivers of all-time and have received the best feedback from our customers. These drivers will out perform most of the newest drivers on the market due to our ability to shave…


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