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Supercharge Your Driver

Add 20-40 yards to your drives with our driver face machining technology.

How It Works

Our Process

Our Process involves machining the face of the driver or fairway wood to that particular club’s own ideal thickness. This is performed with the use of a CNC machine that allows us to program the outline of the club face to maintain the original curvature while it is being machined. The club face will then be polished to match its original finish. All of the work is performed on the outside of the club. Each driver’s face thickness will be measured at 5 different points before being placed on the CNC machine. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained.


During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture above Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if desired. The driver in the picture on the right above has been regrooved. All lines will be black after regrooving.


You will notice that clubs with thinner faces will have less durability. That is the trade off, but it is well worth the added performance to most golfers. We have very few problems with durabilty when our suggested COR shaving levels (based on a player’s swing speed) are adhered to. We do guarantee not to damage or break your club while we are working on it, but cannot guarantee the durability of it afterwords. You will be able to select your desired shaving level when you order our service. We suggest .880 COR for most golfers as that will give the best blend of performance and durability. .890 COR may be acceptable for those with a swing speed under 100 and .900 COR should be reserved for those players with swing speeds under 90. Clubs with lesser degrees of loft ie 8 to 9 are going to sustain more pressure upon impact than a higher lofted club also simply due to the angle of impact.

Types of Clubs

We can improve the performance on pretty much any club whose COR is .890 or below. .900 is the maximum COR achievable so any club starting at .900 cannot be further improved upon. We can normally blend any polished metal face driver very close to its original stock finish. Black coated surfaces, clubs with etched finishes or logos, and composite faced drivers may obviously change in appearance.

Performance Guarantee

90% of golfers will gain additional yardage by having their driver shaved. For various reasons 10% won’t see major improvement. This can be either caused by inconsistencies in the club’s original manufacturing process or because of the players type of swing. There are some players who just don’t generate much of what’s called a smash factor when striking the ball. Smash factor takes into account the amount of force generated by the clubhead right at the moment of impact. It is much more than just club head speed. It also takes into account factors like wrist snap, torque, club head angle of approach, club face angle etc. This is why you will see two players with identical swing speeds whose distance off the tee varies greatly. These differences will cause some players to pick up significant distance when having a driver shaved while others won’t pick up much at all. This can usually be overcome by a second shaving if the performance increase isn’t substantial after the initial shaving as it indicates that the smash factor for the player will allow for a more aggressive shaving. We will reshave a club at no cost and cover the return shipping if you are not satiisfied with it’s performance.


Used Drivers(46)

Over the years we have discovered certain drivers that get laser hot, yet maintain great durability after being shaved! These are our top rated drivers of all-time and have received the best feedback from our customers. These drivers will out perform most of the newest drivers on the market due to our ability to shave…


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