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Supercharge Your Driver

Add 20-40 yards to your drives with our driver face machining technology.

Looking for the Longest Hitting Golf Driver?
It May Be As Close As the One In Your Bag.

We are the inventors of a process known as golf driver shaving which reduces the face thickness on golf drivers to create more trampoline effect and distance. We can take any golf driver and make it hit 20-40 yards further. The science behind this is simple: a thinner club face allows the face to flex more when it hits a ball and then spring back with much more velocity. We can help you hit further than you have ever hit before or help senior players regain some of the distance they have lost over the years.
Years ago the top club makers made what were considered illegal golf drivers that performed better than the USGA allowed. They were simply advertised as non conforming golf drivers for non-sanctioned events and the difference was that the clubface was much thinner than a conforming driver. The USGA pressured the club makers to stop producing these clubs a few years ago but with our service we can make any driver perform like those non conforming golf drivers used to. Our service allows you to swing the top name brand clubs enhanced to a much higher performance level.
We work on drivers our customers send in to us and also sell preshaved drivers.


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Over the years we have discovered certain drivers that get laser hot, yet maintain great durability after being shaved! These are our top rated drivers of all-time and have received the best feedback from our customers. These drivers will out perform most of the newest drivers on the market due to our ability to shave…


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reviews / testimonials

Everybody should have their driver shaved! If you have ever seen me play you would know that I am never going to be a pro golfer but dang this makes the game more fun. These guys are the real deal.!”
Charles Barkley, Atlanta, Georgia
OK, I can already hit a golf ball a long way but this added 30+ yards for me. The process works great and the staff is very professional. Thanks WHD!”
Jose Canseco, Henderson, Nevada
Absolute game changer!!! It was hilarious! Got my shaved driver and played the next day with my regular group. We’ve been playing the same course for years twice a week. After I hit my third drive the other guys were going nuts! I went from my usual 220 to 255 on each of the first 3 holes!
John P. Los Angeles, CA
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