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Driver Shaving

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**SEND US YOUR DRIVER HEAD ONLY OR YOUR FAIRWAY WOOD HEAD ONLY IF DETACHABLE** (easier for us to work on and less expensive shipping on you).
Send Driver and Order Confirmation to :
625 W Deer Valley
Rd Suite 106 Phoenix,
AZ 85027

After we receive your driver it takes 5-6 business days to process, shave and ship. If you would like your driver(s) to be shaved the day after we receive it please choose Rush Processing. (Your driver will be shaved the same or next day after being received.)

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Our Process

Our Process involves machining the face of the driver or fairway wood to make the face thinner creating more trampoline effect and distance. This is performed with the use of a CNC machine that allows us to program the outline of the club face to maintain the original curvature while it is being machined. The club face will then be polished to match its original finish. All of the work is performed on the outside of the club. Each driver’s face thickness will be measured at 5 different points before being placed on the CNC machine. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained.


During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if desired. The driver in the picture on the right below has been regrooved. All lines will be black after regrooving.


You will notice that clubs with thinner faces will have less durability. That is the trade off, but it is well worth the added performance to most golfers. We have very few problems with durabilty when our suggested COR shaving levels (based on a player’s swing speed) are adhered to. We do guarantee not to damage or break your club while we are working on it, but cannot guarantee the durability of it afterwards. You will be able to select your desired shaving level when you order our service.

Performance Guarantee

90% of golfers will gain additional yardage by having their dirver shaved. For various reasons 10% won’t see major improvement. This can be either caused by inconsistencies in the club’s original manufacturing process or because of the players type of swing. There are some players who just don’t generate much of what’s called a smash factor when striking the ball. Smash factor takes into account the amount of force generated by the clubhead right at the moment of impact. It is much more than just club head speed. It also takes into account factors like wrist snap, torque, club head angle of approach, club face angle etc. This is why you will see two players with identical swing speeds whose distance off the tee varies greatly. These differences will cause some players to pick up significant distance when having a driver shaved while others won’t pick up much at all. This can usually be overcome by a second shaving if the performance increase isn’t substantial after the initial shaving as it indicates that the smash factor for the player will allow for a more aggressive shaving. We will reshave a club at no cost and cover the return shipping if you are not satisfied with it’s performance.

How to Order

    1. Add to Cart, and checkout as a guest or registered customer.
    1. Print a copy of your email order confirmation and send it along with your driver(s). Make sure your return shipping address is the same address shown on your payment receipt or note where you would like the driver(s) shipped to. Please don’t send your driver(s) without paperwork or your receipt. This will greatly slow down your turn around time while we research whose driver(s) we have.
    1. The best way to obtain boxes long enough for your driver(s) is to visit your local golf course or pro shop and ask them for a box long enough to ship them in. Otherwise, USPS, UPS and FedEx all have 38″ long triangular tubes for free; they will have to be cut and fitted in order to fit your driver(s).
    1. Please send your driver(s) to the address below. USPS Priority is the cheapest method to use, but FedEx and UPS are great for getting your driver(s) to us overnight. Please note that these methods are typically very expensive, and always insure your package!Ship To:625 W Deer Valley Rd Suite 106 Phoenix, AZ 85027

Please send the package with a shipping company that provides a tracking number so you can see when it is delivered to us. We are sorry but we can’t always take the time to research whether your club came in or not. If you would like to receive a tracking number when we ship the club back please make sure your email is included when you checkout.
A note about USPS Priority Mail:
Priority mail does not use a true tracking number system. If you provide your email when checking out, you’ll be sent a Delivery Confirmation number when we ship your driver(s). This system only shows when the label is created and when a delivery attempt is made. It does not show actual progress of the package.
Canadian Customers
If you are shipping to us by ground make sure you mark the shipment ‘Free Domicile’ and not ‘Prepaid.’ ‘Free Domicile’ means all charges will be billed back to the shipper.
The best way to avoid any additional charges at customs is to ship by air. The entry prep fee for shipping across the border is built into air freight rates so there will be no surprise charges after the shipment has been delivered.

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106 reviews for Driver Shaving

  1. David Bryant

    Longer, better, faster, and tons more fun than your stock driver. If you’re not on PGA Tour, get your driver shaved by WHD. Makes teeing off the best part of the round by 30 yards!

  2. Kelly Brooks

    They brought back my R580 driver to life after sitting in garage for so many years. I am at ease with this driver as I used it for so long, now I get to hit long drives with it and keep in the bag. Full of happiness and joy on the course now.

  3. Mitch

    Definitely a game-improvement for the average hitter. If you need help with distance make sure to send in your driver and let the experts do their thing.

  4. Sergio Gonzalez

    After getting back my Driver a few months back I decided to send in my 4 wood to get shaved down. As a 20 handicap I know I rarely hit perfect impacts, but this makes all my hits act as though I am dead on point. Used my 4 wood when I wanted to see how low I can go as driver and still hit close to 250 yards down the center. Reached a couple par 5’s in two as well, and surprise some of the mens club members. Changed my game around right out the box.

  5. Aaron Chancely

    Distance is there from first hit to last, still durable and still the save driver I used for years, just longer by 30 yards +!!

  6. Max Wright

    I am 62 years old and golf 5 times a week. I am never going to play in a tournament or and sanctioned event so I could care less about the USGA standard for COR on golf drivers. I play golf for fun and having a shaved driver makes it way more fun. If you are the legalistic rules keeping type then this service isn’t for you but not everyone is like you. (Fortunately)

    Before I had my driver shaved I read alot of stuff on the golf forums about how this was cheating and you should just work on your swing instead of using an illegal club. Those guys that write that probably aren’t 62 and haven’t lost some of their driving distance over the years. Come back and see me when you are hitting 25 yards less than you used to and you might be ready to have your driver shaved too. Sorry for the rant. LOL

  7. JasonR

    I broke down and bought a shaved down Ping G30 driver from WHD when everything inside said not to. I am glad I did because it is both very long and straight. It is going to be in my bag for long time. I can get what the company designed their club to do for the golf course, just added on more distance by having WHD make it HOT.

  8. Jake

    Very forgiving head designs keeps shots in play more than most. Seems the distance effect turned up to the max with having the face shaved down to .890 COR. Sent in 2 of my buddies drivers and my 4 wood and Hybrid to boot.

  9. John and Martha S

    When you see the drivers out there these days and they all hit about the same, you need to do something to take it a step further to keep your love for the game alive. After sending in my R11s driver from years back, I sent in my new SLDR and my wife’s Ping Rhapsody drivers, we are the longest couple at our league nights by 20 yards or more. Very excited to see our golf game grow as we grow older. Two big thumbs up

  10. Chase Bank

    Control was sort of an issue as I had them take it down to .900 since I wanted just pure ball speed. I got what asked for, just need to get my next one based off their recommendations. Yes I am getting another driver shave down, its addicting now.

  11. Stuart Munn

    I noticed one other reviewer commented about the amount of weight lost through shaving and I would have to agree that on some drivers you will need to add some lead tape to offset the weight lost after shaving. I had a SLDR shaved and they are already a very light head and just felt too light after shaving. I add some tape to the sole and noticed a huge improvement. I play softball and swing a very endloaded bat and hit the ball 20-40 feet further than with a balanced bat. I think golf drivers can be the same way for people with high swing speeds. Anyway, love the driver and the extra distance.

  12. Keith Dorea

    I was pretty disappointed when I first got my driver back and wasn’t getting any added distance. After reading all of the positive reviews I had really high hopes but then, nothing. I contacted WHD and they asked me to send back the driver as they said that this happens occasionally where for some reason the person’s swing doesn’t create enough smash factor to compress the clubface. They reshaved it for free and am very happy to say that the second shaving made a world of difference. I am getting the yards I was looking for. I would recommend taking the time to send the driver back to them for a free reshaving if you don’t get any improvement the first time.

  13. Kerry Lofton

    Had my Mp600 taken down to .870 face, what I got was insane distance added on to an amazing looking head at address. Only issue for is sound as its always been with this head, but not only is the head lighter so I can feel the weight better, but forgiveness has actually gone up. Very impressed

  14. Jose Cruz

    As an avid golfer I have known that going shorter length on the drivers shafts can affect the accuracy and control on the course. I have a 44 inch driver length and decided to send it in to see what it would do. How about adding on yards to an already short driver. I am now able to swing and hit my spots knowing that my distance is there with the help of the shaved face. I play a 11 degree driver, and with the spin rate and launch I am able to keep my shot shaping ability. Highly recommend this company. Thank you everyone there

  15. John

    Ok, so I went for it and took the plunge. I did get the extra distance but was very frustrated by the USPS shipping. They give you a tracking number which doesn’t do crap. It basically shows when the package got scanned in and when it gets delivered. (Thanks for the obvious) I think WHD should stop using USPS even though they are cheap. It’s too frustrating in this day and age where everyone else provides real tracking info.

  16. Kevin Strause

    I just had my third driver shaved by these guys. I admit, I’m becoming a little addicted. The first two drivers are still performing just fine but I love having three different options to play with as they are all different lofts etc. The service is top notch and I’d recommend the shaving to anyone looking for an extra 20 yards or so.

  17. John McEvoy

    I had my driver shaved to .890 and just went out and played a round with it this morning. I am hitting 25 yards longer! I shaved (no pun intended) 5 strokes off my average score on this course. Thank you!

  18. Mike Summers

    I am 62 years old and have lost around 20 yards off my drives over the last 10 years. I am right back where I used to be with my Ping G20 I had shaved to .900. It took a little longer than originally expected but the wait was worth the while.

  19. John Brcye

    Well shoot. I had my driver shaved about six months ago and the damn thing just caved in. It was hitting about 30 yards longer than before getting shaved but it sucks I have to go buy a new driver now.

  20. John Collins

    I would have given 5 stars but the shipping process really aggravated me. It actually had nothing to do with World’s Hottest Drivers but was a problem with USPS. I would recommend using UPS to ship the driver so you actually have tracking on the package and don’t end up waiting and not knowing when your driver will arrive.

  21. Eli Commons

    I heard about this from a buddy who all of the sudden started outdriving all of us that play together every week. At first he wouldn’t confess what he had done but I pried it out of him after a few beers. LOL I just got my driver back and am right there with him again now hitting about 23 yards further on average. It may be just me but the driver does sound just a little bit louder now than before.

  22. Eric White

    I wish I didn’t live in Pennsylvania so I could actually use this thing during the winter. I got to play two rounds before the courses closed and am having a tough time waiting til spring now. You can actually feel the trampoline effect when you hit a ball and when you catch it in the sweet spot it’s an awesome feeling. Might need to book a trip to Florida (to see my wife’s sister LOL) so I can use the driver before spring.

  23. Jordan Royal

    I wish they could find a way to redo the black finish on the driver face after shaving. If not for that it would be pretty much undetectable that it was a shaved driver. (I have a Taylormade R11 that had the black face on it) All in all, I would do it again though as the performance gains are well worth it.

  24. Ernie Allison

    Best feeling I have ever felt in a driver, having my Callaway 815DBD shaved has taken me to the Tips on the par 5 and 4’s. My confidence is up knowing my miss hits are now my best hits before I had it shaved at WHD. Thank you to Steve and his gang.

  25. Kale McEvoy

    Had my old Burner face shaved and can out drive my buddies one handed. Were a bunch of weekend warriors just out to have fun, and boy does this make it more fun on the course. We can crush a drive 40 yards longer than anyone else out there, and smile no matter if we made bogey or not. Thanks for putting smiles on our old faces.

  26. Rance

    Back when they launched the JetSpeed and had this big show for it all I went gaga and bought the driver. Well that lasted about 2 months and threw it in the garage corner. Decided to clean up and saw it there doing nothing, then I was on YouTube later and saw a video ad for WHD and decided to send it in since it was of no use to me. All of sudden I am gaming it up! Driving longer by 25 yards avg with my longest being 275 rather than 240’s. This is now my fun club to show off and get me going for the day. Guess there was a use after all to having it on hand.

  27. Mike Heller

    I just had my Krank Rage driver shaved by World’s Hottest Drivers. It would be awesome if they developed a way to repaint the face black after the shaving process is completed but other than that I love the feel and added performance of this driver. I was a little nervous about having my driver shaved but I actually talked to the guys at Krank about World’s Hottest Drivers and they said they have had many customers that have had their drivers shaved by these guys and loved them. They had nothing but positive things to say about the company.

  28. Dennis Howe

    After sending in my 915 D3 driver, Not only does it still have the trademark Titleist control, but I am now able to get the distance that I was lacking after years of always going first once we got to the fairway out of my group of guys. I actually won two Long Drive holes in our mens club this past year. Never has this happened before, nor was I close to it before. Very happy with my results, and sent over a few buddies. Nothing but good words about this company.

  29. Ron Bernard

    I had my old R7 taken down to WHD as im local to Tempe, shaved down the face and within a day I averaged 290 on the course at 110MPH head speed with 178 ball speed! I was at 260 on the course and same head speeds with ball speeds only in the 160 range and tons of spin. Hands down best decision I have made yet to ,my golf game.

  30. Shawn

    After hitting the new NIKE VOLT driver at a demo day I knew I would be putting it in the bag, was in AZ and decided to drop by and get the face shaved down on my old Nike VRS after hearing two golfers rambling on about their clubs. This blew me away, not only was my driver longer than when it was new, but it was out driving my New VOLT driver. Embarrassing to say the least, which lead me back to WHD and have my other driver shaved as well. Went back to the course the very next day, extending my stay to another day, and wouldn’t you know it I was 30 yards further and with the same accuracy as day one. I am in shock this actually worked out, rarely do these type of things work out as they should. Wish there was 10 stars as I would be putting them all up.

  31. Grover

    In my forties and early fifties, I was a +3hdcp and hit the driver long, now in my mid-70’s being older, a couple of injuries, fatter and less flexible, I’ve lost distance and hdcp has increased.
    I’ve tried many different drivers, even my stock M1 cant get me back up in distance, but since the first round with my driver back from WHD, the distance is back and accuracy has improved greatly! I am not having to over swing and pull something to get the distance. My handicap has dropped 5 strokes in 3 rounds!

  32. John Cason

    Sent an old Long Drive head I had since back in 2002, old Cobra head, yes its flat but wanted to see what it would do. Gained 6mph ball speeds and distance went back up to 380’s with it. That is some tell there, if you have a 13 year old driver head that is flat as heck, and you bring it back to life! Might just send them all back for some fun! WHD is the future for golf fun!

  33. Dale Nance

    Opted for the Krank driver, never heard of it just know its a long drive club. The worked with Krank rep who is right next door, go figure. Set me up with a Tour Light shaft with a 9 degree loft, at first I thought it would only be long from length of shaft but they got me into a 45 inch shaft. So the control was there, and distance a ton there. I never expected to hit as far as I did AND stay in the fairway. Really impressed with the decision I made and how well both companies knew their stuff.

  34. Rick

    Tried-and-true technology in shaving the face down. I know back in the 90’s-2k’s when titanium drivers first came to the PGA tour, the pros did this quite frequently as there was no conforming list to be on or testing done. So why limit yourself if you just want to have fun and impress the guys?

  35. Jonathan R

    Had issues with not seeing the big increase as they state, so sent it back after talking with Steve and finally started to see the big changes I was hoping for. Titleist is not known for the big hitters or that crazy pop off the face, but after having them shave it down some, it changed the whole meaning behind drive for show, putt for dough!

  36. Bryan S

    I have the Cobra Amp Cell and after milling the face down it is very easy to hit and the ball really explodes off the club face. I’ve never been a long ball guy, straight and smart is how I usually try to play but this shaved driver has now really helped me get the ball down the fairway like no other club ever has. If you’re looking for a new way to achieve distance, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this out! Got me 32 extra yards on my longest driver since owning this club, and my fairways hit went from 6 to 10 a round!

  37. Darrell

    I love my Driver so much, its hard to keep it a secret since I do not want my playing partners to catch on. I had my Titleist shaved down on the face and we all have never hit as long as I am hitting now with it. We all want distance, just for ourselves, but WHD is too dang amazing to keep a secret. I want to say Thank you to Jen for helping me out ordering my services and actually talking with Steve about what would be best for my swing speed. They know what they are doing.

  38. Nathan Ether

    Having the confidence to swing for the fairway without losing control is what we all wish to achieve or take from the range to the first tee box. I will be hitting at my true potential knowing I am not having to worry about distance. My Mizuno MP has never been longer and boy am I happy

  39. Steve Franklin

    Got on Flightscope in front of my buddies at demo day, took my WHD shaved PING i25 driver with the new G30 driver, My i25 was 26yards avg longer than the new G30. The rep was stunned and kinda got embarrassed he couldn’t reason what was going on. My buddies were impressed for sure, the sound is great ans SMACK sort of sound to it. All in All very pleased with what I had done.

  40. Stephon Jackson

    I have been a TM fan for Years now, and with a couple sets of clubs out there, stopped in AZ location to have my R1 taken down, love the control and shot shaping as well address positioning I am able to achieve with it. After getting it back I took my back up R1 out which is standard setup, and my new WHD R1 out on our course. The first hole I would tell it was going to be a fun day with my new driver. Against my stock setup I am getting 25 yards if not more in total add on yards, While still keeping my accuracy in tact. Very Happy

  41. Nelson Hampton

    My M1 not only has the adjustable technology that has helped correct my slice, but after having it shaved by WHD I am also hitting it longer, even on off center hits. Great looking club that has built confidence and given me solid distance off the tee. I would highly recommend their services as the club really works for my game and does allow the golfer to benefit from the thinner face.

  42. Manny Gonzalez

    I had my SLDR 3 wood shaved and its more controlling than my driver and still longer by 15 yards! Lets just say I have won every accuracy hole in my mens league and have hit the most par 5’s in two than my playing partners both older and younger! Scared to see how far I will my driver when it gets back!

  43. AJ Chancellor

    Tried my new driver on the range today after getting back from WHD, and it was so fun to hit. It launched high and went straight (except that i could also fade it on demand). Can’t wait to take it on the course. I know I have added on distance as the greens I hit to I am carrying when I was rolling, and that’s with range balls.

  44. Ken Algeer

    I have about every driver out there and the G30 SFT is the longest, most forgiving driver hands down! Now once I paired it with the WHD Face shaving, nothing has come close to touching it on the course or at local demo days. I have 4 others shaved down from past years, and not one is int he same yardage. Ping makes it that way for a reason, nothing can touch its distance.

  45. Richard

    Sent in my Big Bertha 815 about 2 months ago. My drives are about 20 yards longer on average and have been keeping the same accuracy as I have always had. Send in your driver now to hit the best you have ever thought you can.

  46. Edward Apollo

    Went with the Krank Driver from WHD and now at 63 I feel like a Pro Long Driver in my group. My buddies keep hitting mine on the monitors cause they think its a joke how much their ball speeds go up and up. I have gone up 8mph so far and my Pro says thats impossible. Were going to call our group Old Krankers.

  47. VinRinally

    Yes distance is GREAT but the sound is tinny, wish the finish could get put back on my face, I really liked the black finish on my Krank driver. I might just spray paint it black or color with permanent marker. They should offer that service next, but distance is everything they promised.

  48. Randy

    My new Callaway XR is more accurate than any driver that I have played with in the past two years. A bit pricey but worth the excitement, after sending to WHD now I hit it longer than my buddies and control the ball just like the pros on tour. I can mix up the weighting of the head AND get the most out of the face.

  49. Armando

    I had the pleasure of getting fit at the PING WRX dept in Phx AZ for the new G30. By far the longest I have ever hit on the course and the most yardages I have gained on avg as well. I got a second driver for my other home in FL, so my AZ club I decided to shave down the face, see what all this local hype was about. Within one day I went from 265 yards to 285 yards and the same if not tighter dispersion on the course. We can now take our distance and love for the game to a whole new level having this done. My playing partners do not need to know whats going on with my swing to get this big jump in distance, but when they find out I am sure they will do the same as I did, tons of fun and big bombs coming. Thank you WHD Team…

  50. JR

    Went from carrying 240 and stopping on a dime, to now carrying 250 and rolling out to 270. My pro says I dropped 500 and on spin rate, ball speeds went up by 8mph and improved my dispersion by 10 yards less off line on miss hits. No more missing fairways! Now its down the middle and long long long. Could not ask for anything better from this company.

  51. Mike Herald

    There is a golf forum I belong to and they mentioned a company shaving down faces of drivers to increase ball speeds and get more distance. At first I was hesitant on getting one done, spending so much on a driver but only to make it illegal and ruining the face. After a year I went in for shoulder surgery(old age has to catch up at some point right?), I thought, ya know this might be the only way to get my distance back without hurting myself, again. So I had a two year old Cally Razor Hawk driver I was using at the time, and sent it in to see what it did. Got it back and first driver with bum shoulder went 255, my longest since having surgery. Than, after few months went by, and getting my use back in shoulder I powered some drives out to 275. My longest shots ever. WHD saved my golf game from going south and ending it for me. Since than, I have had two sets of woods and drivers shaved down.

  52. Don Rycroft

    Talking about getting my kick back in the game on distance! At first I questioned the true performance of shaving the face down of my Titleist after having it for 3 years, But I am truly amazed at the big jump I got in distance. I normally avg about 245 off the tee, making par 5’s tough, well now I’m avg about 265-270 with my scoring irons coming into play on approaches! Very happy and already have my 3 wood back as well. Can not wait to take it to my course and see how it helps me break my lowest round yet! Very happy….

  53. Jason Ralston

    Sent in my R1 and now I am able to not only get the distance I had been lacking since I got the club back in 2013, but I can dial in to my settings and get the best forgiveness and control I have had for years.

  54. Matt Gerald

    Sent in my driver and 3 wood on a Monday, had them both back by Friday mid day for my charity tournament Saturday morning. Had to stop hitting 3 wood on the range since it was hitting over the fence and into the homes! Staff was helpful, service was super fast, and they know what their doing. Thank you guys…

  55. Charles Dillon

    When you say WHD people think no accuracy or consistency, but you are dead wrong there. I have kept my fairways hit if not gotten tighter dispersion by being able to swing easy and the face acting as if I have swung out of my shows. Best feeling in the world for an older golfer with a back injury.

  56. Jorge Gonalez

    Had an old Big Bertha from the good ol days lying around the shop, decided to send it in to see if it made a difference at all shaving the face down. Sure enough got it back and driving 15 yards past the new Big Bertha line!

  57. Dave

    Ok so after all the money I spent to get the new M1 last year, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sent it in to WHD to see if they can help me achieve what I have been lacking, Distance! Once getting it back, I took three swings with the club and immediately realized I was hitting the ball further, faster and straighter. I went from hitting 265 with week before, to 280-290!! I am still in awe.

  58. Gary Ferro

    Going on my third driver now being shaved by WHD, as long as I can keep outdriving my buddies and winning long drive holes at charity events I will keep on coming here. They make golf fun for a normal guy.

  59. VinRinally

    My 3 wood showed up just in time for contest, ended up winning longest driver and closest to center with it! Next time going send in my driver to see how I fare next to the young guns on the course. Time to hustle them like they hustle us Oldies.

  60. Ted Robbins

    Send in my Warbird Big Bertha from few years, and no not the first run back in the 90’s either. Let me tell you that driver already being light weight, than taking the face down to .890 COR, I am able to increase hand speed through impact and let that head whip right through the ball and allow that face to shoot that ball out on the flattest ball flight I have had in years! Talk about tigers stingers, I am bullets and getting 40-50 yards of run off my driver.

  61. Joe Coombs

    Well, other than the fact that USPS lost my driver for a week before they found it and got it to me I am very pleased with the service on my driver. All that they promise about the extra distance is true and I would recommend this service to anyone looking for that extra 20 yards on their drives.

  62. Jose Valdez

    Anything hit near the center feels good, when before it was a harsh feedback. Now it has a sensation of controlled fury, as though the ball is springing into the face and coming off like a bullet!

  63. Jasongolf

    Distance is top notch, long drive hitter power, sound however is ok. Changed big time but well worth it.

  64. Vance Longly

    Low spin head and high ball speeds have gotten me my longest driver ever. Had four of my buddies send theirs in as well and our wives.

  65. Drew Trenton

    Sent in my BioCell Driver and gained almost 20-30 extra yards and consistently in the fairways after getting it shaved! Would never go to any other stock driver. Definitely worth getting this done to other clubs and drivers.

  66. Dale Mensal

    Best ball flight I have had in years. 55 years old with shoulder pain and knee pains, but still managed to gain 25 yards againsts my buddies stock drivers they swear by. After getting my Cleveland Launcher shaved down I have been at my all time best drives. Already got my 3 wood shaved down and ready to get it on the course and attack these par 5’s in two! Thank you Team at WHD.

  67. Jordan Nelson

    I can see on the reviews I am not the only guy who is about the numbers. I ended up getting my Cobra FlyZ shaved to .890 COR, and ended up taking a stock demo from GS to my course I am a member at. I know the first hole like the back of my hand and was going to test these out. Now, I hit the stock driver with my normal swing, where I always put it out at. There is a hill left side starts at 250 and tops out at 270, with 285 to carry it. While the right side of the fairway has flat tree lined edge where you have to either draw it around the hill or carry the hill for 240 yards in, Its a Par 5. I am always right in the middle just right of the hill, with a good solid hybrid and nice chip on for birdie op. Been this way for past 5 years. Now, hit 5 balls, all same area.

    Out comes the WHD driver, I do my normal swing, not going after it and first ball rolls past my balls out in fairway and stop at 276. INSANE, I take another whack, this time ball goes up left side, I think to my self “Man its going to bounce back at me now.”. I keep watching and the ball bounces on before the hill, and than continues to bounce on top and over the hill, ending at 290! Never have I ever been this long on this hole, ESPECIALLY up the left side. I continue to hit another 4 balls all going up middle and left side, with my longest at 305 and had 210 yards in to 205 yards in my opening hole! I was 4 clubs less in on this hole, besting my score with 4/6 birdies with shaved driver, to 2/6 birdies with my stock demo driver! I called that very moment their office in Arizona and told Steve the Owner what had happened and urged him to send me his cards to hand out to everyone, I am a new waling billboard for Worlds Hottest Drivers.

  68. Charles

    My wife loved seeing me crush my drives she opted to send hers in without me knowing it, the next time we went out to play she burned me a few times from her tees and actually had me worried for a bit. Wasn’t until the back 9 she told me she had sent it in and was laughing each time she teed it up. If shes having fun that means my golf game is about to get better, she loves to go out now and hit her driver, some times she only hits it off the tee than picks up her ball.

  69. Chuck P

    Having struggled for years off the tee I have always been on the hunt for a driver I could feel confident with. After doing more research and really thinking about my golf game and why I play, I finally committed to buying a driver from Worlds Hottest Drivers. I ordered the Krank Golf Formula 6 two months ago and can really see why face shaving was done so many years back by the PGA professionals. I get the yardage I have always wanted and needed, but can keep my draws in place and in the fairway without having to over think myself. The Krank Golf driver is one of the longest drivers if not THE longest out there after winning 15 or more Long Drive World Titles. I was able to hit the club before and after we shaved the face down, I was 3 mph faster on my miss hits but still swung within myself and kept only 15 yards off center line for a tighter dispersion. When I got more swings under my belt I ended 50 balls with avg speeds up 5 mph and my best being 23 yards longer due to lower spin and increase in ball speed. Really happy with my results and look forward to getting the matching 3 wood. Give both these companies a try as you will not be disappointed.

  70. Mark English

    Had stock drivers for past 20 years, when my time came to buy a new driver, I decided it was time to try an enhanced driver. I did research, called around and decided to go with WHD and having them make this new driver unique! Old are the days of hitting with everyone else, and struggling with accuracy just to get a little more yardage. Now I can stay within my swing and body and GET that distance no matter what. Not to mention the feedback on the face is amazing. I can actually feel the ball go into the face and shoot out fast!

  71. Mark

    Swinging with less effort and which has aided in producing a more relaxed and natural swing. It is such a confidence booster. Definitely sitting on my high horse! What more can you say, try it out…

  72. R15owner

    I’m 72. My drives might go straight, mostly around 230yds. Drives down middle… NOW, after 27 holes with my R15, I’m hitting longer shots than ever before, avg has been 255 yards, and can still work the ball around at will! Its a keeper, and I’m getting the 3 wood shaved as well. SOLD on WHD

  73. Larry English

    Have read all over the interweb how its not right and not good to do might as well get illegal golf balls and not waste your money on a driver you paid top dollar for. Well, drivers these day are topped out, you need to get something changed to better your results. Illegal balls are good yes but do nothing for spin and control on greens. By having my driver faced shaved down on my Titleist I can not only get 30 yards longer on normal days, if its down wind or summer hard fairways its GONE, I can still play a ball that will spin and control well for my approaches and around the green. So yes, it is worth turning your run of the mill off the rack driver into something that is truly amazing.

  74. William

    I had my Cleveland driver shaved last year and am pleased with the results. I’m getting more distance, helping me keep up with my playing partners. I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra $25 to get it re-grooved. A couple guys I played with looked at my driver and the first thing they noticed was the lack of grooves. They started asking questions and I said I bought the driver on eBay and don’t know why it is not grooved. So spend the extra $$ and get the re-grooving service. I will keep your playing partners from being suspicious when you start hitting your drives longer.

  75. Matt Ellefson

    If you want the distance in your game, but lack the speed, get your face shaved by WHD. You will not be disappointed. Not only did I get my driver, but my wife’s as well. BEST IDEA EVER…..Now she is loving the game and distance off the tee, and I get to golf more at my favorite course! Happy Wife Happy Life….Thank you WHD Crew

  76. Russell

    Finding a driver that has the control of a fairway wood but still gets the needed distance of a driver is very hard to do. So after falling in love with my 420cc R9 setup, it was hard to lget older and lose distance as an avg golfer does. I talked to WHD about 2 months before really pulling the trigger on sending it in to have it shaved down to .900 COR. After I took it to the range in my office clothes I was in awe to see that I was out-driving my longest hits from previous sessions by 15 yards, and not including roll out with a range ball. Needless to say my round the next morning was very fun and short by 8 strokes! I have never in my life and golf life of 30 years been taken by surprise and fallen head over heals for a service like this.

  77. Malcolm Mills

    HOLY COW TALK ABOUT SMASHING A BALL. I can actually FEEL the ball compress on the face and that face just Kick that ball! Love it….

  78. Tommy Johnson

    I’m a old school scratch player (think blades & persimmon). A 53 year old with 110 swing speed, 160 ball speed, 2500rpms, 14 degree launch . Used it today after getting back my M1 driver from having shaved face down to .870! UNREAL: The best tuned equipment I have ever used now with SUPER HOT FACE! GREAT CLUB! Might see if my hybrid can get shaved down?

  79. Jack Brown

    I had an old Adams Speedline lying around from back in day, just got my M1 with my Ozik Tour shaft in. Sent in my Adams to WHD and talked with Steve and Ben about what I can do and my options based on my swing,Thank you guys for that. Got it back after taking it down to .890, After spending I don’t know How much on the M1 setup, I am out driving it with my Adams by 45 yards. As you can see by this I am now looking at selling my M1 on ebay and at my local course. Fantastic results with an older club compared to the new and improved clubs or today.

  80. Bobby Cason

    Had my Taylormade SLDR shaved by WHD and am very happy with the results. The SLDR was already my favorite driver so to be honest I was both excited and nervous about the results. What if they F@%*%# up my driver? Well, I’m pleased to say that wasn’t the case. Am hitting the ball with the same consistency and accuracy but with about 20 yards more distance. Couldn’t be happier with the customer service or the end results!

  81. Tom

    Tom from Bella Vista Ark
    First, let me say that I am a professional club maker You can imagine what my number one request is when it comes to a driver. How do I get more distance? Well if you are looking here you have found the real answer.

    Let’s be candid. All current drivers manufactured by the majors such as Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, Adams, Titleist and others are required to conform to both the USGA and the R&A standards of performance. So, basically they can only make their drivers so hot.

    If you want to really increase your distance this process is your TRUE answer. I had one of mine just returned from WHD. I had my COR taken from an 830 on a Taylor Made Draw driver to an 880. All I can tell you is that I picked up 20 yards plus hitting range balls on a cold day in December. I can’t wait to get out on the course with my Titleist balls and really see how much I have picked up in distance. As for the service, all my questions were answered promptly. My driver was returned to me in a matter of days and not weeks. In short this works and Steve and his staff do an excellent job. I know the price might seem a little high but think of the alternatives. Take your current driver and have it shaved and pick-up another 20 or 30 yards or go ahead and buy another $400.00 dollar driver after you have fallen for all the HYPE and get the same results you had before.

  82. Stephen Kertz

    My RBZ has been consistently straight for years now, but distance has been slacking due to age and muscle loss. Allowing the face to be shaved down got me my distance back and my ego stronger. The golfer inside me has come back to life and feels really good again.

  83. Guy T

    Promotes a piercing flight; no need to shape shots when you can hit it consistently down range. In my mind THIS is what golf is all about, relaxing and enjoying the game. Oh, and hitting BOMBS

  84. Joseph Edwards

    Massive improvement. I bought the SLDR driver with a stiff shaft and have a lot more confidence off the tee with a shaved face. I am able to swing within my self and control my hands through impact, my first three rounds I am now 6 shots better than my best round last year. This company is a game changer.

  85. Mark Trump

    A friend recommended that I try a shaved driver from WHD, so I sent in my Ping G30 with the SF technology. This golf club has changed my golf life. I am hitting my new driver on average 30 to 40 yards longer and straight with no slice. It is the greatest club I have ever owned!

  86. VinRinally

    It took me few sessions to get the weight correctly positioned with having the face thinner- it actually launched higher for me, after finding the right setting then it was long, straight, and low bullets. I went ahead and bought the M1 driver from their site and have it setup to where I just take it back slow and let my hands release through the ball and let the face do the work for me. I have gained 15 yards carry and rolling total of 30 plus yards each time I get on monitors, winter season almost over so next up is outdoor range cant wait!

  87. John

    I have had my Ping G20 since July of 2015. It was hitting great until recently (six months after shaving) I can tell that the face has caved in and it has lost it’s performance. I am not upset at all. I got six months of the best drives of my life. I will buying another shaved driver here very soon. Just looking at all the different offerings and trying to decide but leaning towards trying that Krank.

  88. Nathan Charles

    Not too much to say with my not much had changed distance driver. I got the .870 COR done to my face and have not seen much difference at all. Money spent to get it there, than pay to have it done and shipping back, I could have gotten a new M1 or Callaway Big Bertha for that. People there were friendly and it all got taken care of within days, but I now see its the golfer not the club.

  89. Matthew RP

    Their services sure do get the job done. There is a “distinct” sound but if all you care about is performance then this will be the thing for you. Sent in my SLDR S driver and while the black face was removed, the driver does what its supposed to do: GET THE BALL FLYING FAR!

  90. Jacob Johnson

    What a difference! The club head still seems easy to control during the swing, and along with the thinner face, the over all distance is 16 yards longer on avg and 28 yards by longest. I am now two clubs to three clubs less on par 5 and par 4’s. Score has gone down and putts are lower since I am now closer for my approaches and can put it closer with my irons.

  91. R15owner

    I’m 72, past drives might go straight, mostly around 230 drives down middle…NOW, after 27 holes with my R15, I’m hitting longer shots than ever before, and can still work the ball around at will! Its a keeper, and I’m getting the 3 wood shaved as well. SOLD on WHD

  92. Golfer71

    I’m an average golfer. I’ve never had any luck with drivers and had to revert to a 3 wood or irons to pull my game back. I decided to send in my old PingG25 3wood to get shaved down and man how good it feels to hit as long as other golfers do with their drivers. I am reach par 5’s in 2 now with ease, and hit every fairway I want. Might not ever need a driver but thinking about pulling the trigger soon.

  93. Robbie

    Dropped 5 strokes per round in first two rounds. My drive is long and straight now with lots of control still. Usually have strong and low fade but without any adjustments so far I’m straight. Went from 225 to 280 yards. Who new they could bring back the pop in the R9 I had since 2010.

  94. Merritt Jackson

    I am only seeing an extra 10 yards or so since having my driver shaved but I just can’t leave these guys a bad review. The service was excellent and the driver looks great. I’m recovering from elbow surgery so I’ve lost a ton of swing speed and distance over the last couple months and was hoping this would help. I do see an improvement but I think my swing is so slow right now and it hurts to really follow through that it is probably asking too much to get 20 yards from the shaving. Anyways, the staff and service are really great and I think an average player with a better swing speed will probably get better results.

  95. Nathan752

    My new bomber seems to have an added gear where most lose gas; minimal loss on off-center hits; distance gains via increased ball speed with lower spin rates…means LONG HITS AND ADDED DISTANCE.

  96. Max Cecil

    Arnold Palmer was right about illegal drives making the game more fun. I have had 4 drivers shaved by these guys and am very satisfied with the results. My favorite is the Ping G30 though. That thing hits bombs. I am spending way too much on golf drivers but this is just too much fun! By the say, buy the Wilson Staff Duo balls. They add even more distance and Steve said you could go up one shaving level if you only swing your shaved driver with these softer compression balls.

  97. Caleb Davidson

    Always used irons off the tee and decided it was about time I got hang of a driver. I went ahead and ordered a Ping G30 from WHD and had the face taken down to .890, first round and I was hitting over 230 yards. Many straight down the fairway. I just get better with this club and even out driving players who consistently use drivers. I have no idea why I never tried this before, but glad this company is around to make hackers like me enjoy the game now.

  98. Paul

    I am 50 yrs old and play golf a couple times a week as I live in FL and play all year. I don’t know my swing speed but I have a very smooth tempo and would say its around 90-100. Sent in my Cleveland Black 265 as a test. Had it shaved to .880 and it performed well got some added yardage. I then started swinging extremely hard on the range and dented the face. Driver is now trashed. I bought the Cleveland 588 Custom adjustable shaved to .870, I’ll review that one when I receive it. Be careful you select the right shave level. I did gain 10 yards easily so the process definitely works! I’m a believer.

  99. Buddy

    Talked myself into sending in my L5V Cobra driver for a .890 COR, distance was already there just wanted that extra bit for the kill shot to my golfing buddies. The sound is even louder and feels like I am firing a cannon at the green. I can actually feel the ball compress with the face and comes off so fast. Its really fun to see this happen and your buddies laugh at amazement cause we all have never seen anything like it. This is our go to club for scrambles and fun outings.

  100. Happy Customer

    For lack of vocabulary, I am going to say the ball comes off insanely fast. It sliced through the air like no one’s business. I was quite satisfied putting it in play.

  101. Jose Gonzalez

    Got my M1 back, now I am 10/14 fairways when in previous 3 rounds I hit no more than 7 fairways in each of those rounds from stock driver and max drive has been 285 straight. Most of times I’m able to hit drive with just enough draw to get the additional roll out. I was averaging about 245 with stock driver but this one probably avg 260ish. The marketing info does match my experience so far. I expect this to have more done and matching fairway woods. I am able to swing more freely while keeping my driver controlled as I am allowing what they did to take over. Ease at the tee box gets the best shots of my golf life!

  102. admin

    Hi Robert- I’m sorry you were unable to reach us by phone; did you leave a voicemail message for us? Processing time is 4-6 business days from the day we received your package, and your driver was serviced and should be delivered to you today. It was sent out FedEx 2 day as requested and the tracking number is
    Thanks, we appreciate your business!

  103. Ed Plew

    My foursome had this done and 3 out of 4 of us saw about 15 or 20 yards increase. I know it works. Just make sure to know your swing speed.

  104. CTV

    Yep it works!

    My dad is slowing down a bit (he’s 89) so I thought he could use a few extra yards. I purchased a lightweight ladies Cleveland driver off ebay for $30 and had the seller ship it directly to WHD. I had the maximum amount of material removed.

    My dad hits it great and hopefully it will allow him to keep playing a little longer.

  105. Rich

    OMG. This driver is hot! Thanks for the fast turnaround and the quality work. So glad the covid-19 outbreak hides some of my increase in distance. My buddies just think it was the couple months off and some new technique that improved my distance. Way more fun than an exploding golf ball.

    I’m jaw droppingly impressed.

  106. Steven Head

    I had the driver shaved back in May and I have fallen in love with my driver. I am hitting a Taylormade M1 with a Project X Hzrdus shaft. I was averaging around 211 off the tee pre shaving. Now I am averaging around 238 yards. There are times when I have hit some drives that have been in the 260 range. I had a wreck several years ago and fractured my left pelvic bone. Since then my hip rotation is nothing. I am 55 years of age and back in the day I could hit some bombs. I lost my true desire to play as much golf just due to the fact that I was having to hit 5, 6, and 7 irons on par fours that I used to hit W and 9 irons into. I changed my irons to a pro lofted iron and I now get to hit W, 9, and 8 irons into greens again. Making my golf outings much more enjoyable again. I shot my first under par round a couple of weeks ago and it made me feel like my old self again. All due to your shaving technique. I have been using foot powder to do everything I can to hit the ball square and in the middle of the club. This has definitely changed my approach to driving the golf ball. When you hit this club in the sweet spot you can see the difference in the reaction of the golf ball and how it travels. I played with a friend a couple of week ago and he noticed the difference of the ball flight.

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