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Square Grooves

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Have you ever watched with envy at how the pros can spin the ball backwards on the green after it lands? You’ll be able to do the same thing once we recut the grooves on your irons. You will be able to keep your ball on the putting surface even when landing on very small greens. Your buddies will be amazed when they see your ball check and spin back towards the hole. You will go through a few more balls per round as the grooves will aggressively bite the ball. A softer, urethane ball will work best with the new grooves as it will allow them to bite into the ball’s material better.
Even if your irons or hybrids have square grooves now they can be greatly improved by having the grooves cut deeper, wider and with sharper edges. After we recut new grooves in your irons they will also have less space in between grooves. By using CNC machine technology we can ensure consistency and accuracy as we cut each groove line.
Recently you’ve seen many of the pros going back to the original Ping Eye 2 square groove irons to gain an advantage. Players are paying top dollar for the original Eye 2’s as they had a more aggressive groove pattern than today’s irons. Our grooves will be cut very similar to the Eye 2 grooves except slightly wider and deeper and with sharper edges. Once we cut the grooves a good groove sharpener will be helpful to maintain their sharpness. You will also want to keep them clean to remove dirt and grass in between shots or after each round.
Many players elect to have their entire set of irons regooved while others will choose certain ones like 5-SW or 7-SW. Hybrids are fine for regrooving as well.
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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 48 × 5 × 5 in

3 reviews for Square Grooves

  1. Joe Millstone

    This is an incredible improvement! I wasn’t really expecting as much of a difference as what it actually made. The ball spins back about 2-3 yards with my longer irons and 4-5 with my short irons. These are super aggressive grooves that literally bite the ball. I have always had a hard time on certain greens keeping the ball from rolling off of the back side. This has pretty much solved that problem.

  2. Jim Gainer

    These guys come up with some really cool ideas. I am pretty sure the owner must sit around thinking of new ways to make the game more fun. I am an amateur and I play for fun so I am not worried about if my grooves are legal or not. This has made a huge improvement to my short game.

  3. jrjones60

    I received my 6-SW with the new grooves and believe me when I say that it was definitely money well spent. Whereas I would normally hit into a green and get anywhere from 10 to 20 feet of rollout, now my ball hops once and stops. In a couple of cases the ball backed up to where it had hit the green. These were 6 and 7 iron shots into the green. I couldn’t be happier. I paid for “rush” service and they re-grooved my clubs on the day they received them. The turnaround time was only six days and that included the shipping time. Great job guys….Thanks.

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