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Let’s Correct That Drive Slice!

Tips for Correcting Your Drive Slice

When playing a game of golf, a drive slice is one of the most common shots an amateur golfer will attempt to make. A drive slice is one that curves to the right while in the air- if you are playing right handed. If you are playing left-handed, it would curve to the left. When a drive slice takes place, it usually happens due to poor grip and an insufficient set-up when attempting to strike the ball. It can also be the result of an outside-to-in downswing path (when a player reaches too far on the drive slicedownside while bringing the club to the outside of the ball.)

When this happens, the player is forced to pull the club-head closer while attempting to strike the ball. In reality, a drive slice is inconvenient and can quickly drop your score. Here, our team at World’s Hottest Drivers would like to share some tips for correcting your swing and insuring that your game remains drive slice free!

To begin:

(Note: Steps are explained as if you are a right handed player. Left handed players should alternate the steps to match their playing style.)

Start by gripping the club with your left hand (if you are right handed, grip it with your right hand if you play left handed.) Then, position your grip with the fingers of your left hand. While your club is grounded, check to make sure you can see at least two knuckles from your left hand while looking down at the club.

Also observe that there is a “V” being formed by your left index finger and thumb. The “V” should be pointing towards your right shoulder. Position your right hand grip to compliment your left hand grip. You will notice that the “V” from your right hand also points to your right shoulder.

Ball Placement

The ball should be positioned near the inside of your front foot and preferably even with the heel. This will render an upward swing to the golf ball. By hitting the ball during the upswing, it will provide you with a straighter flight while improving the distance. A drive slice will happen when the driver makes a downward strike. Instead, place the head of your driver a few inches behind the ball. This will cause an upward strike.

Your Swing

Bring your swing back until you can see your left shoulder underneath your chin. You will know your shoulder turn and back-swing are complete when you have your left shoulder placed below your chin. This will give you the opportunity to swing the club down on an inside-to-out path. You can square your club-face by rotating the toe of your driver over the heel as you swing through on impact. This will diminish the chances of a drive slice by eliminating the possibility of an open club-face. By rotating the club over the heel, you will straighten out the ball flight.

On a final note, try keeping the pressure of your grip light. This will help the toe of the driver to rotate over the heel producing a better and more efficient shot. With continuous practice and proper preparation for your shot, you can guarantee a decreased chance of a drive slice from happening. Hence, a better game!

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